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  • Q: How do I check the status of an order that I submitted?
    A: You will receive a confirmation email from our team once your request for a device has been submitted. However, we will  need to speak with you to complete your order and an agent will be contacting you via your preferred method of contact. Please check your spam folder in case you did not receive our confirmation email.
  • Q: What value does OASIS Mobility provide and why buy from us?
    A: OASIS Mobility is a white glove, one stop shopping service for all major wireless carriers for new service. Wireless rate plans and smartphones are ever changing, and the choices vary among the carriers. That is why it’s important to work with trusted mobility experts who understand the many challenges and complexities that arise when selecting the latest smartphones and data plans. OASIS brings the convenience of the wireless retail store to you and helps simplify your next smartphone purchase.
  • Q: Why do you need to verify employment in order for me to obtain my company’s employee discount?
    A: Discounts for service are based on the company employee discount structures set up by the carriers. The simplest way to verify employment is by providing us a company/work issued email address with your request. After you receive your company discount and see it on your monthly carrier bill, after 12 or 24 months, your carrier may ask you to complete additional steps to verify your employment.
  • Q: How do I obtain the employee discount for service?
    A: Please go to the Add My Discount tab on the site, fill out the form, and you will automatically be emailed detailed instructions on how to check for your discount and/or obtain it directly through your wireless carrier. If you do not receive an email after filling out the form, please check your spam folders for the email from OASIS Mobility.
  • Q: Can my family members participate in these discounts too?
    A: Absolutely! All your family members are able to participate provided their mobile number is billed on your current wireless carrier invoice under your name (if you are the employee receiving the employee company discount). Call us and we will be happy to assist.